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Working with Angels

Welcome to my website!

Meet Bridget

Bridget is naturally psychic and intuitive and has developed these gifts through professional training in the USA with Doreen Virtue Ph.D. qualifying as a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner ™. She started her interest in meditation and metaphysics in 1983 and has been actively learning and developing holistic counselling and healing methods since that time.

As an Angel Therapist ™ Bridget uses a combination of intuitive energy reading and also angel oracle cards, connecting with your own angels and the archangels. If appropriate, aura reading and chakra balancing can be undertaken in a non-invasive energetic therapy. Other therapies can also be suggested to assist you in your continued growth and healing.

What is Angel Therapy?

Angel Therapy™ is a gentle way to connect with your angels. It is a natural, life affirming, self-empowering and healing experience. All readings are compassionate and loving. It is not merely a way to predict your future but offers guidance and help to restore your self-will by unfolding and focusing on your ability to create your own personal reality …. so you can write your own future.

An angel reading focuses on what is going on in your life at the time of your reading. Anything that comes up for you in a reading shows what is current and is not set in stone ….. this therefore gives you the opportunity to make alterations where needed so you can achieve your aspirations and dreams.

Your angel reader acts as a channel though which the angels communicate words of guidance …. they highlight blocks of physical or emotional resistance you are experiencing and gently reveal the way through.

Using angel oracle cards often enables the angels to clarify what is on your mind … they affirm what you already know to be true but are looking for confirmation so that you can put your thoughts and ideas into action. Through the Universal Law of Attraction you will always attract cards which reflect your current energetic situation.

Contact email: angelintuition@aol.com 

Telephone: 07747 690290